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Can Ferrets See In The Dark?

If you are someone who experiences night blindness or difficulty seeing in low levels of lighting, it can seem that a small animal like a ferret may have an even more difficult seeing what's in front of them. However, when it comes to vision, ferrets definitely have...

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Are Ferrets Rodents?

Are Ferrets Rodents? Many people assume that all mammals that are smaller than a cat or a dog automatically fall into the category of a rodent, but this is definitely not the case for ferrets. This article will discuss what a rodent is, as well as why a ferret is not...

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Should I Get A Ferret?

Should I Get A Ferret? When you are considering adding a new animal into your family, it is crucial that you consider all aspects of pet ownership, and ferrets are no different. Ferrets make fantastic pets for quite a few different reasons, but this article will...

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How To Walk Your Ferret

How To Walk Your Ferret You probably have seen plenty of dogs and even a few cats walking around on a leash, but chances are you haven’t seen too many ferrets walking through the park or on the sidewalk. However, ferrets are rather curious creatures, and many...

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Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

Do Ferrets Make Good Pets? If you haven’t spent a lot of time around ferrets, you might see them romping around at the pet store and wonder “do ferrets make good pets?" Any ferret lover or owner will tell you that ferrets do make great pets for a couple of different...

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Can Ferrets Swim?

Can Ferrets Swim? Ferrets have a notorious reputation for being smelly animals. While ferret owners know that they aren’t anywhere near as smelly as people make them out to be, there is no doubt that every once in a while you may be forced to give your ferret a bath,...

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