Chances are, you have probably read our articles on the best ferret litter pans as well as our suggestions on how to best litter box train your ferret, so now you are probably wondering what the best ferret litter for odor control is. While there are a couple of different options on the market today, this article will go over the best ferret litter options as well as the pros and cons of both.

Marshall Premium Ferret Litter

Marshall is one of the most well-recognized names in the ferret industry in the United States and beyond, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the best ferret litters for odor control comes from the breeder that raises more ferrets than anyone else.


Ferrets have incredibly delicate respiratory tracts which are very vulnerable to irritants and infections, which is why it is so important to ensure that your ferret’s litter is low to no dust, which this litter keeps to an absolute minimum. Additionally, this litter is very absorbent, which makes cleanup easier and helps control the odor, which is particularly important if you have a multi-ferret household.


However, ferrets can be picky with their litter, and you may find that your ferret is not a fan of the way that this litter sits in their litter box. Additionally, some reviewers have noted that Marshall has changed their litter pellets and the new formula is not as effective or dust free as the previous formula.

Fresh News Paper Small Animal Litter

Fresh News is not as well known of a brand as Marshall, but many people have found that this 100% recycled newspaper pellets to work incredibly well.


This brand boasts an ammonia locker that many have found works fantastically to combat ferrets natural odors, particularly in multi-ferret homes. Additionally, this litter can be composted or flushed, which is great for those who are looking to cut down on the waste that their home is sending to a landfill. Finally, many ferret owners find that this litter is loved by their ferrets and many ferrets do not do well with other types of litter after being trained with this.


However, a higher performing litter usually also means that it is a more expensive litter. Many have found that this litter does not sift the same way that other litters do, which means more litter is wasted during cleaning and that litter has to be purchased more often, and this litter tends to run a little bit more expensive than other popular brands.

Purina Yesterday’s News

Purina is another well-known name in the pet industry but is usually more synonymous with cat and dog food. Even though this litter is designed for cats in mind, it is definitely a great option to explore when looking for ferret litter. 


This litter is 99.9% dust free, which means that your ferret’s respiratory tract will remain healthy and your little ones will not track dust throughout your home on their little paws. Additionally, this litter does not contain any additional dyes or fragrances that can potentially be harmful to your ferret.


Some people have found that compared to other options on the market today, this particular paper pellet crumbles a little bit easier when damp with urine, which makes complete clean up a little bit more difficult. Some people have worked around this by completely dumping their litter box every couple of days to avoid scooping and the smell, though that does become costly.


Whatever paper pellet you choose to use with your ferret’s litter box, know that ferret training isn’t as immediate as training some other animals. Make sure to praise your ferret when they are doing something right, and be patient with them when they do something not quite right, and before long, your ferret will be using their litter box consistently and with few accidents.