Ferret Cage Reviews

In these ferret cage reviews, we compare three of the most popular ferret cage brands, to assist you in deciding which is the best ferret cage for your pet ferret.

When you decide to bring a ferret into your family, one of the biggest start up costs, aside from vetting and the cost of the actual animal, will probably be the cage. While it can be tempting to buy whatever ferret cage looks sufficient at your local pet store, it is important to do your research before spending any money. While a ferret cage can seem pricey, it is better to make an initial investment right away instead of having to replace an inferior ferret cage in a year or two. Remember, this cage will serve as your ferret’s main habitat while you are not at home or while they are resting and eating.

This article will compare three of the best ferret cages, as well as discuss the pros and cons of each. Hopefully, this will guide you in making the best choice for your ferret’s home.

Ferret Nation Ferret Cage Prevue Hendryx Ferret Cage Kaytee Ferret Cage
Dimensions 36”L x 25”W x 63”H 31”L x 20”W x 54”H 30”L x 18”W x 30”H
Cost Approximately $200 Approximately $125 Approximately $99
Average Rating 4.5/5 Stars 4.0/5 Stars 3.5/5 Stars
 Levels 3, but can be customized for additional levels 4 4
Accessories Included In Cost Two Litter Box Pans, Two platforms, three ramps Three platforms, three ramps, one hammock Three ramps and three platforms

Ferret Nation Cage Review

For this particular review we chose the Ferret Nation 182 Cage, as this seems to be the most popular option of all the current ferret nation cages. For anyone who has owned ferrets, Ferret Nation is considered to be the brand for ferret cages.


  • This ferret cage is huge. This cage can house one ferret, or it can house six ferrets.
  • This ferret nation ferret cage is customizable to include additional hammocks, levels, and litter pans with Ferret National Accessory Kits. It is also compatible with Marshall and Kaytee Brand Products.
  • This cage can be separated into two separate cages. This can be particularly handy if your ferrets are suddenly not getting along, or if your ferrets need to be separated for medical reasons.
  • This cage can also be repurposed for other small animals, such as chinchillas or birds, if your ferret is no longer in need of this particular cage.
  • Ferret Nation ferret cages are made with quality materials, and even if your ferrets like to chew on the bars, there are no dangerous paints or chemicals that they can accidentally ingest. This cage is designed to last the lifetime of your ferret.
  • Ferret Nation Cage 182 also has storage below the cage, which allows you to keep litter and food close by.


  • The biggest complaint consumers have about this cage is how difficult it can be to put together. Many found that the tools provided were insufficient to get the job done, and needed to hammer pieces into the correct place.
  • Unfortunately, the cost can be a deterring factor for this cage. At about $200, this cage may be as expensive if not more expensive as the initial cost of adopting or buying your ferret, which may mean bringing home a ferret may cost you several hundred dollars.
  • Ferrets generally aren’t too picky when it comes to cages, simply wanting a comfortable place to sleep, relax, and eat. However, some owners find that ferrets who like to climb get frustrated in this particular cage as the horizontally rectangular squares make it hard for ferrets to move. However, this frustration can easily be fixed with plenty of other entertainment and enrichment in your ferret’s cage.
  • Additionally, other ferret owners complain that there is not a ramp for a ferret to get in and out of the cage on its own if allowed.

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Prevue Hendryx Ferret Cage Review


  • At this price, the Prevue Hendryx Feisty is a much more affordable option for ferret owners who are looking for value at a reasonable price.
  • Like the Ferret Nation 182, the Prevue Hendryx Cage is made out of quality materials that will not be harmful to your ferret and will last for many years, even with rough wear and tear.
  • This ferret cage is big enough for multiple ferrets, and can be utilized for a number of different animals, such as rats and chinchillas.
  • Various ferret cage reviews also note the extra storage space under the cage, as well as the wells for easy movement throughout the house.
  • The bottom of the cage is wire, and below is a pan that can easily be removed for easy cleanup.


  • Unfortunately, assembly of this ferret cage does not seem any easier than for the Ferret Nation 182. Many ferret cage reviews state that this is a huge drawback of an otherwise very trustworthy cage.
  • Additionally, many ferret cage reviews identify the steep ramps between levels to be a potential hazard for less coordinated ferrets.
  • Other ferret cage reviews complain about how difficult this cage can be to clean, given how tall the cage is compared to the placement and size of the openings.
  • Furthermore, this cage comes with some necessary supplies, but does not include things such as a litter box, food bowl, or water bottle, adding additional items that need to be bought before bringing your ferret home.
  • Like the Ferret Nation 182, ferrets who like to climb may be frustrated in this cage, as the wire spacing is too far apart.
  • For some petite ferrets, the spacing of the bars may also be too wide and their feet may fall through if some material isn’t placed on the platforms, particularly the bottom.

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Kaytee Chew Proof Multi-Level Ferret Home Review


  • This ferret cage is by far the most affordable cage out of these three, and while it is much smaller, it is still plenty of room for one to three ferrets.
  • Out of the three cage options, this ferret cage is by far the easiest to assemble.
  • Many ferret cage reviews put this cage in the category of a good starter cage. While it is not appropriate for large families of ferrets, it is good for your first ferret or two until you are in need of a bigger one.


  • Some ferret cage reviews express concerns about their pet being able to find a way to open this ferret cage on their own. As anyone who has ever owned a ferret knows, a ferret who is on the loose can be a very destructive ferret indeed.
  • Additionally, while this cage requires the smallest upfront cost, it also is made from the lowest quality materials and therefore will probably need to be replaced sooner than the other two options.
  • Another common complaint among ferret cage reviews is whether or not this cage is truly chew proof. Many find that the coating that is supposedly chew proof actually flakes off relatively quickly, especially as ferrets attempt to find a way out for themselves.

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While this article only covered three of the most common types of ferret cages, there is one cage that seems to be above the others. The Ferret Nation 182, while a little bit more expensive than the other options, is made of quality materials that will last and will not cause problems for your ferret. Ferret cage reviews mainly identify problems in the initial setup of the cage, but while the cage is set up and in use, there are very few negatives.

Of course, there are plenty of other cage options available beyond the three ferret cage reviews that were just discussed. Do your research, and find the cage that works best for your ferrets needs and your budget!