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Ferret Nation Cages

Ferrets are mischievous, smart animals, so it is important to find a quality cage for your new pet ferret to keep them comfortable as well as occupied for the time that they spend in their cage throughout the day. Many current and perspective ferret owners are very aware of the quality of the Ferret Nation cages. This article will discuss some of their more popular cages as well as some basic accessory kits for these cages.

Ferret Nation Cage by Midwest Homes For Pets

(Large Ferret Cage)

This Ferret Nation Cage is a fantastic option for families who are looking to house multiple ferrets. Measuring 63 inches tall, 25 inches deep, and 36 inches wide, this cage has 4 levels, three ramps in between levels, and works with any ferret nation accessory kit to add in beds and hammocks for your ferret’s sleeping pleasure.


This truly is a fantastic cage for a number of different reasons. The assembly is very simple, and no tools are required for this cage. This cage also features “ferret-proof” door latches that allow you to get your ferret in and out of the cage quickly and safely, and even the most determined ferret isn’t going to break out of this cage. Additionally, this cage features easy to remove trays that allow for easy deep cleaning.


One of the biggest concerns with this product is the durability of the removeable levels and ramps. Some people do not have issues with these, but many reviewers are concerned with the sturdiness and durability of the removable parts and the potential for serious injuries or even death should their ferret be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Others have concerns with the fragility of the cage and the potential for rough handling during the shipping process

Ferret Nation Cage by Midwest Homes For Pets

(Small Ferret Cage)

This Ferret Nation Cage is almost identical to the previous cage featured, just simply 2 levels instead of 4 and therefore only one ramp. This cage is great if you need to house only one or two ferrets, measuring 38 inches tall, 25 inches deep, and 36 inches wide.



This cage, just like the previously reviewed cage, is incredibly popular and quality cage. This cage is great if you are looking for a secondary cage for your ferrets, or if you simply do not have multiple ferrets. The fully opening doors on this cage are easy to open, allowing you to quickly get your ferrets in and out, and are ferret proof, meaning your ferrets will not be able to break out. These doors also allow for easy deep cleaning.


One of the biggest complaints about this particular cage is the fact that it is advertised to be “tool free assembly” but as many have noted, even on otherwise positive reviews, there are definitely tools required to assemble this cage correctly but are not provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, there are some concerns about the durability of this cage’s two levels.

Ferret Nation Cage Accessories Kit 1 

This Accessories Kit features 2 shelf covers and one hammock so your ferrets stay comfortable in their new, high quality ferret nation cage.


This fleece is machine washable and dryable, and many happy reviewers note the quality of the fleece. This accessories kit is compatible with all Ferret Nation cages.


Unfortunately, some ferrets like to chew on this ferret, so the longevity of this product is unfortunately not very long in some cases. Additionally, the straps on the hammocks are rather short, so it does not leave many options of where to hang the hammock in some cages.

Ferret Nation Cage Accessories Kit 2 

This Accessories Kit features 2 shelf covers, 3 ramp covers, and top and bottom pan covers. This particular kit will work with Ferret Nation Cages 182, 183, 162, and 163.




These covers will definitely help your ferrets keep their traction as they run up and down their ramps and across shelves. These covers are odor and stain resistant, and are easily washed and dried should they become soiled.



One common complaint about these covers is how easy it is to get the shelf cover on and off. Directions seem to make the process harder, and the design seems to be unnecessarily difficult. However, the ramp and pan covers area easy to get on and off.

Ferret Nation Cage Accessories Kit 3

This Accessories Kit is every ferret’s dream, as the average ferret sleeps between 15 and 19 hours a day! This kit features a hammock, a hanging cube bed, a blanket that ferrets can crawl through, and a comfy fleece tube.



No matter if you are 1 ferret or 5, this ferret nation cage accessories kit is essential. While ferrets can, and will, get comfortable enough to sleep almost everywhere, this kit gives your ferrets multiple options on where they want to take their nap, and will allow them decide based on temperature as well.


The biggest issue about the beds in this kit is that the straps are fairly short, so you are limited to where you can hang the hammock and the cube in the cage. For picky ferrets, this may be a deal breaker.


Ferret Nation Cage Ramp Cover


This ramp allows your ferret to safely climb in and out of their cage safely and quickly. It also comes with a ramp cover to ensure your ferret does not slip and slide all over the place.




This ramp does exactly what it is intended to do, allows your ferret to get in and out of their cage. The cover is machine washable and dryable, is durable, and the whole ramp comes with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee.


The biggest issue with this product is how steep the ramp is, depending on your style of cage. This is a relatively small issue, however, considering most ferrets get the hang of it fairly quickly.


Ferret Nation Top Pan Cover

Ramp Cover


This ramp allows your ferret to safely climb in and out of their cage safely and quickly. It also comes with a ramp cover to ensure your ferret does not slip and slide all over the place.




This top pan cover is incredibly easy to install with the correct ferret nation cage, and in case it does become soiled, this cover holds up well in the washer and dryer.



Biggest issue about this product is how limited to specific cages it is. Additionally, many of the ferret nation cage accessories kits include this, as well as many other products that could be useful, so it seems to be a little bit of a waste of money to buy this on its own.

Fleece Liners For Ferret Nation Cage


These fleece liners, which come in a 5 different fashion colors, include 2 pan covers, 3 ramp covers, and 2 shelf covers.






These covers, while designed specifically for ferret nation cages, are manufactured by a separate company, which allows you more color options. These covers just slip right on over the pans, shelves, or ramps.


The only bad review about this brightly colored covers is the durability when washing and drying. It is advised to use a delicate or gentle cycle when laundering these covers.

 Play Blanket For Ferret Nation Cage

As any ferret owners know, ferrets love to tunnel and dig underneath blankets and other soft material. This Busy Body Blanket is great for ferrets to feel safe and warm.



This blanket allows ferrets to both play and sleep comfortably, and even features fleece balls for added entertainment.



The biggest concern about this product is the size. While average juvenile and adult ferrets would fit into this blanket comfortably, larger ferrets would not be able to use this product.


There are so many options out there for ferret cages and accessories for those cages, and there are definitely some differing degrees of quality in products across the market. We hope that this article will help you choose the best cage, and products, for your needs.

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Do You Want The Best For Your Ferret? We've selected our favorite top ferret accessories that your ferrets will love!

Alternatively, click on one of the ferret accessories below to see the best product we recommend for your ferret!

Ferret Nation Cage

It should go without saying that a cage is probably the most important, and most expensive purchase for your ferrets.

As far as ferret cages go, ferret nation cages are among the best. While a little bit more expensive than the average ferret cage, these cages are built from quality materials to last for your ferret. These cages are large, giving your new ferret plenty of room to roam while you are away. The bars on the cage are narrow enough that your ferret will not be inadvertently injured slipping and getting stuck. Additionally, these cages are highly customizable with different accessories for you and your ferret needs.

Ferret Nation Accessories Pack 

One of the most important ferret supplies is accessories for their cage. A ferret needs to stay caged while they are not supervised, as they can quickly get into spaces that they aren’t supposed to. Additionally, ferrets sleep between 16 and 18 hours per day, so it is important to ensure that where they sleep is comfortable and secure.

The Accessories Kit 3 will fit both Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cages and contains one cozy cube, one blanket, one tunnel, and one hanging hammock. Given your furry friend may spend a decent amount of time in their cage, your ferret needs plenty of room to stretch out, sleep, and keep themselves entertained.

Ferret Travel Cage

As any ferret owner knows, ferrets can be particularly stubborn and obstinate pets, and even traveling a short distance can be difficult if your ferret is being difficult. Having the right carrier, such as the IRIS Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier, can make a world of difference.

Pros: Most travel cages that are built for ferrets are a soft bodied fabric option, and many people buy them thinking of their ferrets comfort. Unfortunately, many of those comfortable options that seem luxe at the time of purchase actually don’t hold up when a determined ferret decides to chew or scratch their way up. The IRIS deluxe pet travel carrier is ideal for ferrets for a couple of different reasons. As a hard body cage, it is durable and ferrets will not be able to escape. Additionally, if used for a ferret, it is sufficiently roomy for your ferret, and can be used to transport multiple ferrets at a time. It also comes in with a clip in food bowl for those longer car rides, and if necessary, does meet most airline requirements for animal transportation, though it is not advised to fly with your ferret unless it is unavoidable.


Ferret Food – Wysong Epigen

Wysong Epigen 90 for ferrets is one of the many varieties made by this famous brand. Wysong has been a trusted brand for cats and dogs for years, and is a fantastic brand to keep your ferret healthy and happy.

Pros: Wysong Epigen has one of the highest crude proteins on the market at 62% protein, and also has an adequate amount of fat (20%). Wysong Epigen also ensures that ferrets are getting needed antioxidants and probiotics in their kibble, helping to keep their immune system strong.


Ferret Litter Pan 

Ferrets are incredibly intelligent creatures, and can easily be trained to use a litter box, though they may never be as accurate about using a litter box as a cat would be. With a little bit of encouragement and the right ferret supplies, you can easily litter box train your ferret, and you can read about our suggestions on how to litter box train here.

There are a couple of different options for ferrets, but Marshall’s brand high back litter box is one of the best. Many owners recognize that their ferret needs to back into a corner to relieve themselves, and this tray leaves your ferret enough room to back into their corner of choice, and the high back ensures that litter and waste stay in the litter box where they belong.

Ferret Litter

Whether or not you specifically litter box train your ferret, litter is one of the ferret supplies you will need to invest in. Ferrets have delicate respiratory systems and can be negatively impacted by dusty litters, so it is important to buy the correct litter for your ferret’s needs. Ferrets should not use clay or clumping litters designed for cat use. Utilize a recycled paper pellet litter, such as Yesterday’s News, as these are plenty absorbent, clean up easy, and are safe for your ferret.

Ferret Cage Drink Bottle

There are many different water bottles available for ferrets, but ferrets can be very particular creatures. If they do not like their water bottle, they are at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated. Don’t just use the water bottle that came with your ferret’s cage if your ferret doesn’t like it.

Instead, invest in a glass or BPA-free plastic water bottle, such as the Choco Nose No Drip Water Bottle. This water bottle is BPA free and will help to keep your ferret’s cage clean, as it won’t shrink and leak. The bracket system will also attach to any cage and is secure enough that your ferret will not be able to dislodge it. are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.