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Best Ferret Cages


Discover the key features of the best ferret cages, as well as what to look for in the best outdoor and travel ferret cages.

Ferret Food


Learn about the best ferret food – what to look for and avoid, and the pros and cons of a raw food diet and ferret treats

Ferret Toys


Find the best ferret toys, including our top picks for tunnels, balls and hammocks, and what ferret toys should be avoided.

Ferrets as pets


Thinking about a pet ferret? From the experts: 21 essential points that need to be considered before you buy a ferret.

Ferrets Cages

While there’s nothing more rewarding than watching your feisty ferret friends run, explore, and play around in your home — they can’t roam free all the time!

Investing in the best ferret cage gives your fluffy funsters a safe haven to relax, sleep, and exercise — and somewhere for you to confidently leave them while you’re away from home.

Most importantly, their ideal cage will be generously roomy. Not just to provide sufficient movement space, but also to accommodate their toys, platforms, tunnels, hammocks, and litter trays. And naturally, the more of these furry friends you have — the larger their home needs to be.

Also, since your ferrets are the ultimate Houdinis of the pet world, their cage housing needs to be secure — including a lock or catch they cannot open or pick! And, while mesh sides are essential for air flow, ensure the wires aren’t too far apart — as this can lead to escapees or possible injury as they attempt to squeeze through!

Ferrets Foods

Nom, nom, nom.

Yep, that’s the sound of your silly snugglebugs secretly chomping on your dinner leftovers or other forbidden fruits. And soon, you’ll be left to sort out their resultant constipation, diarrhea, stomach upsets, and weird-looking poops. 

With crazily delicate digestive systems, you have to be strict and choosy over your ferret’s fodder. Despite their cutesy, cuddly, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-mouth faces — ferrets are naturally voracious carnivores. They need their meat macros.

However, since it’s not advisable to have live or raw flesh in your home, you need to choose the next best alternative. You’re looking at a diet that’s high fat, high protein, and low carbohydrate — basically, ferret keto.

Ideally, choose one of the best ferret-specific commercial brands, as these will contain all the macro goodness your weaseley wunderbundles require. Admittedly, at a push you can get away with some makes of kitten food — as it’s high in fat and protein — but consider it an emergency option, not an alternative to genuine ferret food.

Ferrets Foods
Ferrets Toys

The devil makes work for idle hands — and he also finds mischief for tiny, bored paws.

Without sufficient playthings, your furry flumps will create their own toys and chew targets — including household wiring, jewelry, air pods, and furniture. 

Ferrets are intelligent, inquisitive, and highly active (at least for a few hours a day). So, they need their own toys to remain happy, enriched, and stimulated. 

Give your sleek, silky sidekicks anything that allows them to climb, hide, swing, or dig — and it will be like Christmas morning. Ropes, ladders, pipes, or cardboard tubes are all excellent — as long as there’s no chance of them becoming stuck.

Furthermore, get your darling dookers some fluffy, stuffed toys they can wrestle with. Kitten and cat playthings are fantastic, especially if they make a noise. But, always ensure they don’t feature small, dislodgeable parts that your ferret could swallow — it will play absolute havoc with their digestive system.

Ferrets as Pets

More intelligent than dogs, less aloof than cats, and way more fun than goldfish — ferrets are the perfect pets.

Playful, inquisitive, and entertainingly mischievous, these furry funsters are ideal for adults and children alike — but not without significant care and prior research.

At the very least, bear in mind that in some US states, ferrets are either illegal to own or are subject to draconian laws — you don’t want your furry friend to land you in the local penitentiary.

Furthermore, understand you’re going to have your ferret for the long term. With the best care, diet, and attention, these amazing furballs can live up to 10 years — probably enough time for your children to grow up and leave home.

If you already have pets — consider how they will get along with your new ferret. While their outgoing nature allows them to be friendly with cats and dogs — your existing furbies might not be as welcoming. And, as obligate carnivores, it’s probably best you don’t allow your ferret access to any pet mice, rabbits, or guinea pigs — as they may mysteriously disappear.

Ferrets as Pets


With an overwhelming love and adoration for ferrets — and happily sharing our home with four of these furry phenomenons — we want to share our joy and enthusiasm for these incredible pets with other existing and potential owners!


With an overwhelming love and adoration for ferrets — and happily sharing our home with four of these furry phenomenons — we want to share our joy and enthusiasm for these incredible pets with other existing and potential owners!

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Check our FAQs if you don’t have the opportunity to spend much time around a ferret or those who are considering adopting or buying a new ferret.


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