If you have ever spent time around a ferret, you know how particular they can be to consistently use the same area of choice for their bathroom, and that they will almost always back up into a corner when preparing to urinate or defecate. Therefore, the best ferret litter pan will probably look a little bit different than a traditional feline litter box, and may even be different based on your ferret’s own preference. 

It is best to ensure that you have many litter boxes throughout your home. Most ferrets are easy to litter box train but are definitely creatures that have a tendency to forget where they need to go without a little reminder, so it is a good idea to keep litter boxes in sight of where they spend their time. Your ferret will always appreciate pets and treat rewards when they go to their litter box successfully, no matter how long they have been trained, so don’t discount the importance of doing this. Be sure to find out more information on how to best litter box train your ferret here. 

Below are some of the best ferret litter pan on the market today, complete with pros and cons, to help you decide which is the best for your ferret.

Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Pan

Marshall is one of the most well-recognized names in the ferret industry in the United States and beyond, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the best ferret litters for odor control comes from the breeder that raises more ferrets than anyone else.


This litter box is perfect for ferrets who are picky about where they want to use the bathroom and can’t make up their mind about which corner to use, as all 4 of the corners are tall enough that any of them would work for a bathroom. Additionally, this litter box has plenty of room for even the largest ferrets but is still small enough to fit well into a cage or anywhere in the house. Additionally, this litter box is very easy to clean.


If you have a ferret that likes to play with their litter pellets or shovel them out of their box, you will probably find that you are constantly cleaning up, as the front lip on this model is not particularly high. Additionally, this litter box does not have clips to keep them in place in a cage, so a determined ferret would be able to move or even knock over this litter pan.

PuppyGoHere Litter Pan

Though designed for small dogs and puppies to get used to utilizing a litter box in conjunction with a puppy pad, this litter pan is a great option for ferrets, rabbits, and other litter box trained small animals.


Even though this is not as deep as some of the other ferret litter pans on the list, this pan is a great option because it is easy for your ferret to get out of. Additionally, the shorter height means that it may be convenient for those cages that are a little bit more restricted in size. Additionally, if you choose to use puppy pads as well as your paper pellet litter, the puppy pads fit perfectly at the bottom for easy cleanup.


For whatever reason, some ferrets really like the feeling of high corners where they choose to poop. For this reason, the 5-inch sides just may not feel high enough for your ferret if they are particular. Additionally, compared to many other litter pans on the market that ferrets may adapt to, this product is a significant amount more expensive. Finally, some people have found that this product is wobbly, which can discourage a ferret from using it.

iPrimio Sifter Deep Shovel

Of course, since you are investing in a litter box and litter to box train your new friend, it is also important to get the tools to properly clean it. There are many different scoops on the market today, but this scoop will definitely help keep your ferret’s litter box clean.


One of the best things about this particular scoop is the way that the slots are spaced out, which keeps the dirty pellets and feces in the scoop but allows the clean litter to fall through. Additionally, this is a high-quality metal scoop that can easily be cleaned following a messy clean up job and won’t stay or catch odors in the same way that plastic can.


With over 1400 positive reviews on Amazon for this product, it is hard to come up with something not to like about this product. The main complaint about this product is the customer service quality if someone is defective about this product.


No matter which litter box you choose, know that your ferret is going to be picky, and litter box training a ferret may be a little bit more difficult than training a cat or a rabbit to use their box. Don’t be afraid to try out different litter boxes to see which one they like the best, as well as staying patient throughout the whole process.