Ferret Accessories

For new ferret owners, it can be difficult to try to figure out the best ferret accessories for your new little furry friend. There are many different accessories of varying types and purposes, so it can be a difficult to know which ones to get to keep your ferrets properly entertained, comfortable, and healthy. This article will discuss some key categories of ferret accessories and our general recommendations for each.

Ferret Cage Accessories

In addition to a decent cage (you can find our recommendations about what to look for here), it is important to get decent ferret accessories in your cage. Ferret Nation provides various ferret accessories, including ramp, blankets, and tunnels to spruce up their cage. You can find these and more Ferret Nation ferret accessories here.

Ferret Litter

Ferret litter is an incredibly important ferret accessory to be knowledgeable about, as the wrong type of litter can make your ferret sick. Ferret litter should be dust free and clay free, as these elements can wreak havoc on your ferret’s respiratory system. Avoid clumping cat litters, and instead, opt for paper pellets such as Yesterday’s News or something similar.

Ferret Food

Ferret food is also one type of ferret accessories that particularly important to be knowledgeable about. Ferrets have specific dietary needs that should be followed, with a minimum protein content of at least 32% and a minimum crude protein content of at least 18%. You can read more about our recommendations for ferret food here.

If ferret specific food is not found in your area, you can also feed your ferret a high-quality kitten food diet. Again, not all kitten food is created equal so be sure to do your research about the best brands of kitten food for your ferret.

Ferrets can be particular eaters, so if you need to switch your ferret’s food, do so slowly as to acclimate them to the new food and avoid upsetting their stomach. Some ferret owners also suggest cycling through a couple of different foods in order to prevent your ferret from imprinting on one specific type in case that food is not available in the future.

Ferret Water Bottle

Ferret accessories including water bottles are easy to find, but it is important to find one that your ferret likes. Ferrets have a very simple sweat gland system, and it is easy for them to become dehydrated. Always have a water bottle that your ferret likes handy in their cage, and change out the water at least once per day. Additionally, make sure your ferrets have a source of water while they are out of their cage.

Some ferrets do not like water bottles as much as water dishes. If your ferret is particularly picky about their water, a water bowl or dish might be a better option. This might be a little messier than a bottle, but worth it to keep your ferret healthy.

Ferret Food Bowl

When it comes to ferret accessories, food bowls may be one of the hardest to find one that makes both the ferret and owner happy. While some ferrets do not do this, some ferrets are keen diggers, making a mess out of any litter, dirt, or food they can get their paws into, particularly when they are bored or are trying to communicate.

If your ferret is a digger, try adding less food to the food dish or finding a particularly deep one that makes it harder for your ferret to dig.

Ferret Bedding

Even though ferrets love to snuggle with their siblings, make sure you have adequate beds and hammocks for your ferrets in their cage. Ferrets love places that they can feel hidden, so try to find beds that they can burrow in deep and feel secure.

Ferret accessories such as this octopus is a great option for bedding outside of the cage, whereas this monkey is great to hang in the cage along with hammocks or hanging beds.

Ferret Harness

Ferret accessories such as harnesses are essential if you plan on taking your ferrets outside. It is important to find the right size harness for your ferret so they are safe and secure while outside. It is also important to always be close by while your ferret is outside, as domesticated ferrets are not used to potential dangers of cars and predatory animals.

Kaytee is a popular brand for many different types of ferret accessories, and have four different sizes of harnesses.

Ferret Nail Clippers

As any ferret owner knows, ferrets nails can be sharp and grow quickly. Ferret owners also know that cutting a ferret’s nails can be incredibly difficult, especially if the ferret is not in the mood.

Ferret accessories such as nail clippers are particularly important to keep around, as their nails need to be cut fairly often. It is also important to get small animal specific nail clippers, as they will fit better around the nail and help you cut more precisely.

If you cut your ferret’s nail incorrectly, it can cause pain and bleeding for your ferret and increases the likelihood your ferrets won’t want to sit still next time you need to cut their nails.

Ferret Toys

Anyone who has a ferret can attest to the fact that ferrets can, and will, make a toy out of anything. Ferret accessories including balls, toy mice, and plush animals are all popular options. Many ferret owners make play boxes for their ferrets, boxes filled with balls, packing peanuts, or rice for ferrets to romp and dig in. Cat and dog toys can be acceptable for ferrets as well, but as with any of the ferret accessories, it is important to regularly inspect their toys to ensure they are not damaged and there aren’t any parts that can be chewed off and swallowed.

Ferret Tunnels

Ferrets love tunnels, using them to slide down if left at an angle and chase and play in with other ferrets. Wide PCP tubing can make a fun and cheap tube for your ferrets, and there are options such as this clear tube that you can find in any pet store

Do not give your ferrets toilet paper or paper towel tubes without cutting a slit in it the long way. Ferrets are incredibly flexible and can fit many different places, including through one of these tubes, and then not be able to get back out.


Ferrets are not cheap pets to have, between initial costs, vetting, and quality food. Ferret accessories are incredibly important to keep your ferret energized and occupied, and helps to prevent them from getting bored and chewing on things or wedging themselves into areas that they aren’t supposed to be getting into. For any ferret owner, a little peace of mind knowing that their ferret isn’t getting into something they aren’t supposed to is definitely worth the money.

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