Your search is over! We have sourced the essential ferret supplies and best ferret accessories for your ferret. Our recommendations are based on our years of experience in ferret ownership, and many come from our ferrets themselves!

If you have recently decided to add a ferret to your family, congratulations! Ferret ownership is a humorous and exciting adventure, but these animals have some specific ferret needs. It is important to plan carefully for your ferret before you bring him or her home to ensure that you have time to ferret-proof your home and have the proper ferret supplies ready for your new friend.

This article will give a brief rundown of important ferret supplies to have on hand, as well as any specific brand that we (or our ferrets) recommend!

Ferret Nation Cage

It should go without saying that a cage is probably the most important, and most expensive, of all the ferret supplies.

As far as ferret cages go, Ferret Nation cages are among the best. While a little bit more expensive than the average ferret cage, these cages are built from quality materials to last for your ferret. These cages are large, giving your new ferret plenty of room to roam while you are away. The bars on the cage are narrow enough that your ferret will not be inadvertently injured slipping and getting stuck. Additionally, these cages are highly customizable with different accessories for you and your ferret needs.

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Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Accessories Kit 3

One of the most important ferret supplies is accessories for their cage. A ferret needs to stay caged while they are not supervised, as they can quickly get into spaces that they aren’t supposed to. Additionally, ferrets sleep between 16 and 18 hours per day, so it is important to ensure that where they sleep is comfortable and secure.

The Accessories Kit 3 will fit both Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cages and contains one cozy cube, one blanket, one tunnel, and one hanging hammock. Given your furry friend may spend a decent amount of time in their cage, your ferret needs plenty of room to stretch out, sleep, and keep themselves entertained.

Ferret Litter Pan

Ferrets are incredibly intelligent creatures, and can easily be trained to use a litter box, though they may never be as accurate about using a litter box as a cat would be. With a little bit of encouragement and the right ferret supplies, you can easily litter box train your ferret, and you can read about our suggestions on how to litter box train here.

There are a couple of different options for ferrets, but Marshall’s brand high back litter box is one of the best. Many owners recognize that their ferret needs to back into a corner to relieve themselves, and this tray leaves your ferret enough room to back into their corner of choice, and the high back ensures that litter and waste stay in the litter box where they belong.

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Ferret Litter

Whether or not you specifically litter box train your ferret, litter is one of the ferret supplies you will need to invest in. Ferrets have delicate respiratory systems and can be negatively impacted by dusty litters, so it is important to buy the correct litter for your ferret’s needs. Ferrets should not use clay or clumping litters designed for cat use. Utilize a recycled paper pellet litter, such as Yesterday’s News, as these are plenty absorbent, clean up easy, and are safe for your ferret.

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Ferret Food

Ferrets have fragile digestive systems and specific dietary needs, which, when combined together, can make it difficult to find the perfect match for your ferret. There are numerous different types of ferret food, and you can find our analysis of the most popular brands and our recommendations here.

When picking out ferret food, it is important to find a food that is high in crude protein and crude fat, and low in fiber. If you are unable to find a high-quality ferret food in your area, high-quality kitten food is also a possible alternative that is probably easier to find. However, adult cat food is usually not suitable for ferrets, no matter how high quality, as it often does not contain high enough levels of protein and fats.

Whatever food you choose to feed your ferrets, it’s not a bad idea to alternate two to three different types of food. A ferret needs to be able to switch between different types of food so it does not imprint on one specific type of food, and if that food is ever discontinued or hard to find, your ferret can easily switch to a different type.

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Ferret Drink Water Bottle

There are many different water bottles available for ferrets, but ferrets can be very particular creatures. If they do not like their water bottle, they are at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated. Don’t just use the water bottle that came with your ferret’s cage if your ferret doesn’t like it.

Instead, invest in a glass or BPA-free plastic water bottle, such as the Choco Nose No Drip Water Bottle. This water bottle is BPA free and will help to keep your ferret’s cage clean, as it won’t shrink and leak. The bracket system will also attach to any cage and is secure enough that your ferret will not be able to dislodge it.

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Ferret Tunnel

In the wild, ferrets live in abandoned prairie dog tunnels and rabbit burrows, so it should come as no surprise that domesticated ferrets love to squeeze into tight places and through tunnels. You can make your own tube fun for your ferret with a large, hard cardboard tube or PVC pipe. It is important to note that paper towel and wrapping paper rolls are too small for ferrets and can result in your ferret getting stuck and injured.

Additionally, Marshall’s Super Throughway is a great one of the great ferret supplies to have for your new ferret. Long, clear, and flexible, this plastic tube will keep your ferret entertained and can even be used in conjunction with other Marshall brand toys. As any ferret owner knows, a ferret needs to stay entertained to stay out of trouble, and a tube is a great way to do so.

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Ferret Toys

As anyone who has ever owned a ferret knows, ferrets sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they like to play hard. Having the right toys will make play time that much more fun and will prevent your ferret from making toys out of household objects that are not appropriate. Toys are one of the most fun ferret supplies to buy.

There are ferret specific toys that you can find in stores, but you can also easily find toys for cats and small dogs which ferrets will enjoy. Ferrets love balls (particularly ones that make noise), furry mice and puffs, and squeaky toys.

Ferrets have a knack for hoarding specific toys in certain areas of the house, so make sure the toys are quality and regularly check their favorite toys to ensure that there are no pieces that are in danger of coming off and becoming lodged in their digestive tract.
If you are looking for ferret specific toys, both Kaytee and Marshall brands have a variety of different toys that are tons of fun for ferrets. Marshall’s Pop and Play is particularly popular, as it allows ferrets to dig and play among appropriately sized balls. Pair it with Marshall’s ferret tunnel for tons of fun for your ferret, and it’s also incredibly entertaining for owners to watch.

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Nail Clippers For Ferrets

For ferret owners, clipping your ferret’s nails is one of the least enjoyable jobs about owning a ferret. While it is likely that your vet will offer to clip your ferret’s toenails during their annual checkup and vaccinations, many owners find their ferret needs their toenails trimmed far more often.

Ferrets generally don’t like sitting still, and they certainly don’t like having their nails trimmed. It is best to trim your ferret’s nails while they are drowsy or sleeping or when you have someone else there to help hold your ferret still. This is important, as a ferret’s nails are delicate and it is important not to cut them too far down, as this will cause discomfort for your ferret.

To be successful at clipping your ferret’s nails, it is important to have a quality nail clipper. Find one that is specifically designed for small animals such as ferrets, as ones that are meant for larger animals won’t be as accurate for your ferret’s small nails.

Explore this Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals

Other Ferret Cage Accessories

Many cat owners have discovered the benefits of having a Litter Genie, but many ferrets could also benefit from this glorified garbage can. Ferret use the bathroom frequently, and in order to keep your ferrets healthy and your home from smelling, it is important to clean soiled litter from their cage daily.

A litter genie is a garbage can with a reusable liner that is designed to trap odors and eliminate the need to take litter to the trash daily. This container holds up to two weeks worth of litter and works particularly well for those with multiple pets that use litter boxes.

Beyond the Ferret Nation/Critter Nation Accessories Kit, you may find that you want additional beds, particularly if you are getting more than ferret at a time. Ferrets love to snuggle, but a ferret needs alone time away from their ferret friends every once in awhile, so it is advised to have at least one bed per ferret. Other brands that may work well for you include Marshall and Kaytee brand hammocks and beds.


Ferrets are fantastic creatures, but there are quite a few supplies your ferrets will need to help them settle into their new home.

Before bringing your new pet ferret home, get stocked up on all the equipment and accessories your ferret needs, and make sure you learn all you can from fellow ferret owners to ensure you know the ups and downs of ferret ownership. Being properly prepared will make the transition so much smoother for you and your new furry buddy.

If you need any more information about ferret supplies and accessories you might need, contact us and let us know – we’re always happy to help!