When people think of pet ferrets, they generally think of indoor pets and rarely think of a need for outdoor ferret enclosures. However, if you are in the right climate and take the right measures to ensure your ferret is safe and comfortable, there is no reason that your ferret can’t enjoy a life outside. 

This article will help guide you through various outdoor ferret enclosures that may be right for you and your furry friends, as well as the pros and cons of each. 

SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Wood Bunny Cage 

This versatile and cute outdoor ferret enclosure is extremely versatile, as it works well for rabbit, guinea pigs, and birds such as ducks and chickens. SmithBuilt is a well known name in pet habitats, so you can rest assured that your ferret is getting a top of the line habitat. 


This particular hutch claims to be both pest and predator resistant, which will help you feel more confident leaving your ferrets outdoors. Additionally, this outdoor ferret enclosure is also very durable, meaning that you will get years out of your investment. This cage also includes two distinct levels, which will allow your ferret to have a distinct area for eating and sleeping, and an area for their litter box to help promote litter box training. 


Like some of the other cages on this list, this particular cage does not have a solid floor on the bottom level, which means you will want to provide something for your ferret to walk on if you are not able to find a solid or suitable surface for your ferret. Another concern to consider is the fact that many people have had issues with the product arriving damaged or dented, and the cage being potentially unsafe to use as a result of the manufacturing defects and shipping damage. Additionally, those unsatisfied with the product have also struggled with less than helpful customer service from the original company when trying to get their issues fixed. 

PawHut 48” 2-Story Wooden Rabbit Hutch

This classic rabbit hutch can be a fantastic option for those who are looking for a quality and compact outdoor ferret enclosure. 


This outdoor ferret enclosure, unlike a few of the other cages on this list, does feature a floor on the bottom level, which can definitely make it easier to find a suitable place to feature this in your yard or garage. Being raised off the ground, this cage will also help to prevent any excess moisture from leaching into your ferret’s living area. Additionally, this hutch comes with multiple openings, meaning easy access to your ferrets as well as an easier time cleaning. Additionally, this cage is very water resistant, keeping your ferret dry even during the stormiest of times. 


While there are plenty of great things about this cage, there are a couple of drawbacks that should be considered. Some users have found that the hatches that keep the doors close wear out too quickly, which can be an issue keeping your ferret safe and contained. Others have found that the legs on this model are not the sturdiest, which can leave ferrets unsettled and wear away at the integrity of the entire hutch over time. 

PetPark Pet Cage For Small Animals

If you are looking for a simple and stylish outdoor ferret enclosure, this is definitely one to put on your list of considerations. 


One of the best parts about this cage is the fact that it is easy to access. With top and side openings, it will be easy to clean as well as easy to get to your ferret no matter where they are hanging out. Additionally, the bottom tray slides right out for easy clean up. 


The biggest drawback about this particular outdoor ferret enclosure is the fact that it is only one level, which will not keep your ferret entertained during the day when you are not with them. This cage also does not give a lot of space to hang a hammock for extra ferret relaxation. Additionally, some have found that the quality of the final product seems to be a little bit lacking, as the cage arrives with bent wires and unclear assembly instructions. 


There are plenty of different outdoor ferret enclosures on the market today, and we hope that this article helped you narrow down your search a little bit further. Of course, be sure to do plenty of research before deciding to have your ferrets live outside, and check out our article “Can Ferrets Live Outside?”