Marshalls is one of the most common names in ferret and ferret supplies in the United States and carries weight in many different countries as well. Chances are if you have a ferret that was purchased from the pet store, your ferret came from a Marshall ferret farm. 

According to the Marshall Ferret website, their ferrets are hand raised and handled constantly from a young age to ensure that they are well socialized for you and other animals by the time that they reach your home. 

Marshall ferrets are bred all year round, so many of your local pet stores will carry ferrets all year round. You can also find Marshall ferrets at your local ferret rescue or humane society if you are looking to adopt an older ferret in need of a home. 

Marshall ferrets come in a wide variety of colors, from the white albino to the traditional sable mask as well as every color combination in between. Check out our color chart on ferret’s here to find out more about ferret coloration options! 

Marshall ferrets are vaccinated for canine distemper before they are sent out to pet stores across the country, and many pet stores will vaccinate their ferrets for rabies as well.  In order to avoid any common ailments that go along with puberty and reproduction, ferrets from Marshall’s are also spayed or neutered prior to purchase. 

It is important to get all necessary documentation about your ferret’s medical history when you go home from the pet store so you give the records to your veterinarian when you get your ferret to their first appointment. 

Ferrets make great pets, and Marshall ferrets are no exception! Prior to bringing home your new ferret, make sure that you are set up for success with all the necessary tools for cages, litter boxes, and ferret food, and that you are prepared to give a loving home to your ferret for the next 6 to 10 years!