Affectionate Ferrets

Ferrets are known for their mischievous and playful personality, so it may come as a shock to people who have not spent much time with ferrets that ferrets can be incredibly affectionate and loving. However, ferrets display affection in many different ways, and the way they display affection will depend on the personality of the ferret as well as their relationship with you.

Shy Ferrets

If your ferret is a little more on the shy side or enjoys solitude at different points in the day, don’t expect them to enjoy sleeping in your arms or cuddling up to you. However, a ferret that doesn’t enjoy cuddling may run up to you when you get home and stand at your feet waiting to get a scratch or even just acknowledged with a hello.

Ferret Kisses

You will probably also find that your ferret likes to give kisses. Whether this is a rare occurrence or something that your ferret does regularly, these ticklish little gifts are definitely a sign that your ferret enjoys being with you.

Chances are, your ferret will also spend a good amount of time following you around. Whether they are waiting for you to come out of the bathroom or getting underfoot as you are trying to make dinner, their clear desire to be near you is a definite sign of affection.

Ferrets are naturally playful animals, and while they can make a toy out of nearly anything, they will definitely want to play with you as you are a familiar, and fun, individual to them.

While this is not a hard and fast rule when it comes to ferrets, some ferrets absolutely love to snuggle with the humans that they are familiar with. If your ferret comes looking to you as the perfect place to take a nap on, know that this is one of the ultimate forms of affection your ferret can show you.