Looking for the best ferret travel cage? Ferrets are incredibly curious animals, and love to enjoy new places and meeting new people and animals. However, as any ferret owner knows, ferrets can also be incredibly sly and devious, and can worm out of hands and away from new people. If you plan on taking your pet ferrets away from home, it is important to have a quality ferret travel cage to help keep them safe and contained. Below are four of the best options for a small pet carrier that will work well for your ferret.

Favorite 19.5-Inch Portable Two Door Top Load Pet Plastic Carrier Crate For Ferrets

This carrier is stylish, easy to use, and fairly easy to set up. This cage measures 19.5” x 12” x 11.5”, and able to hold up to 10 pounds, which means that you will be able to fit multiple ferrest into this carrier.



One of the best things about this cage is the multiple access points that allow you to get your ferret out of this carrier no matter where they are hiding, as it features a front and a top access point.

Additionally, this ferret travel carrier is made out of durable plastic, which means that your ferret will not be making any escape attempts. This cage is also exceptionally easy to assemble.

FInally, if you are using this cage for ferrets, there will be plenty of room to add additional blankets or bedding to keep your furry friend comfortable throughout the journey.



The biggest concern about this ferret carrier is about the long lasting durability of the connecting pieces that keep the various parts of the cage together. Additionally, you may find that if you are carrying a particularly rambunctious group of ferrets, they may be able to tip over this cage, causing injury to themselves and damage to the cage.

Amazon Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel


This particular travel carrier is currently the #1 best selling hard sided carriers for cats and dogs on Amazon today, but makes a great option if you are looking for a heavy-duty, durable travel kennel for your ferrets. This particular model measures 23” x 15”x 13”.




There are a couple different things that make this a top selling small pet carrier. This cage opens from the top and from the front, which makes it so much easier to get your ferret no matter where they are at in the cage. The front entry can be opened either from the left or the right for maximum access, which will come in handy for getting one ferret out at a time when transporting multiple ferrets.

Additionally, this cage handles well, so your ferrets are not jostled and thrown all over the place. You can also add an additional strap this carrier for hands free carrying.


The biggest concern that some people have had with this particular ferret carrier is the durability of the connections that keep the handle on the top of the cage connected, as well as the top and the bottom together (the cage does come with extra reinforcements to keep the top and the bottom together, so definitely use those!).

Furthermore, there is a huge discrepancy in weights that reviewers have found are safe to carry in this particular cage. Some people have found that they can safely carry 20 pounds in this carrier, while others have found that as little as 8 pounds can cause problems. Obviously, you won’t have to worry about an 8 pound ferret, this means that you may not be able to safely carry multiple ferrets in this particular small animal travel carrier.


Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel  

This cage is also very highly rated on Amazon, currently #3 best selling hard sided carrier for cats and dogs. This roomy cage measures 24” x 16.75” x 14.5” and is designed for animals up to 20 pounds.





This top and front entry design is a fantastic way to get squirming ferrets in and out of the carrier with ease. This ferret travel cage is lightweight and easy to carry, and handles well to keep your ferrets safe and level throughout their journey.

Additionally, this carrier is well made, so you can be well assured that even your most determined ferret will not be able to escape from this cage.


The biggest concern about this particular carrier are the front metal bars. Some users have found that some areas of these parts can be sharp enough to injure noses and paws. When using this cage to transport ferrets, that risk is intensified, considering ferrets have a tendency to chew and scratch at the metal bars that are containing them. If you choose to purchase this cage, make sure to carefully inspect the bars to ensure that there are no sharp areas before each use.

Petmate Sky Kennel


This pet travel carrier is perfect for long distance trips or if you find yourself in the desperate need to fly with your ferret, as it is approved for use by most major airlines, though finding an airline that will let you keep your ferret in the cabin with you may be a significant amount harder. This carrier measures 21” x 16” x 15”.




As discussed before, this ferret travel carrier is approved for use by most major airlines, so you can rest assured that for much less strenuous trips, your ferrets will be safe and comfortable.

This travel pet kennel is also very well ventilated, which is important for long car rides, as ferrets have a tendency to overheat, particularly when stressed out.


Biggest concern about this particular pet travel cage is the durability of the handle on the top. Some have found that after only a couple of uses, the handle proves to be too weak to handle the weight that it is advertised to, and have had to modify the carrier with a different handle.

Others have found that the overall quality of this particular small animal carrier is disappointing, particularly when it is advertised to be durable enough to use on planes. Many have found that by the time they receive this carrier it’s already cracked, which is particularly concerning when it is imperative this cage keeps your animal safe.



There are many fantastic products on the market today to make traveling with your ferrets easier. These are just a couple of the many different pet travel carriers that will be great to keep your pets safe, comfortable, and contained. Check out more of our articles about on travel carriers for ferrets here.