Ferrets are notorious nappers, but when it is time to play, they are ready to play- hard. Having a ferret playpen on hand, for when they are playing outside, at a new residence, or when you just need to keep them contained and out of trouble, will definitely make your life as a ferret parent just a little bit easier. This article will review three of the most popular ferret play pens to help make your decision about which to buy just a little bit easier.

Tespo Playpen

No matter if you are just using this playpen for just your ferrets or will be utilizing it for other furry friends in your home, this is definitely a versatile playpen. 


As ferret owners are well aware, ferrets can, and will climb up almost everything. This cage is made from smooth panels that will keep your ferret from climbing up the sides and over the top on to more exciting- and potentially dangerous adventures. Additionally, ferret owners know their ferrets can get into trouble doing almost anything, so the clear paneling allows you to keep any eye on your ferrets from any angle. Furthermore, this ferret playpen is fairly easy to assemble and additional panels and connectors can be purchased to make the playpen even larger for additional fun. 


One of the drawbacks about this particular ferret playpen is the long term durability. While it may seem ferret proof in the beginning, some have found that repeated scratching and chewing- something that ferrets do very well- can wear down the panels and require them to be replaced. Additionally, this playpen needs to be anchored down somehow, which the playpen does not provide, as it is fairly lightweight and a determined ferret or two would probably be able to move this playpen around, particularly on slick surfaces. 

Marshall Small Pet Deluxe PlayPen

Marshall is one of the most well-recognized names in the ferret industry in the United States and beyond, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the best ferret litters for odor control comes from the breeder that raises more ferrets than anyone else.


If you are looking for a lightweight and easy to transport ferret playpen, this is a great option for you and your ferret. There is an additional bottom for purchase if necessary, or this cage is a great way to allow your ferrets to run in the grass, particularly if they are not fans of harnesses. Additional panels and connectors can be purchased to make this playpen larger, but the original size is large enough to keep your ferrets comfortable and entertained.


As discussed before, ferrets can be particularly determined to get into trouble, which is all in good natured fun. However, some ferret owners may find that their ferrets would be able to find a way to climb up the bars, or climb on top of toys in this play pen, and get their way out. If you utilize this for your ferrets, you will need to pay constant attention to them to ensure they do not escape, or worse, harm themselves in the attempt.

Ruff and Rufus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

This is definitely the most structured playpen on the list, and is a great way to keep your ferret safe no matter what environment they are in. 


While different than the other ferret playpens on this list, there are definitely some unique pros to this cage. First, the cage quickly and easily folds down into a convenient storage cage for easy transportation. It also comes with a detachable top to keep your ferret in place when you are not able to be right next to the playpen constantly, which will also help to make sure they are protected from the weather as well as potential predators or unfriendly cats or dogs in a friends home.


While the more structured feeling of this ferret playpen can keep you and your ferret feeling secure, unlike the other playpens on this list, there is no way to expand this playpen to accommodate additional ferrets, toys, or humans. Additionally, a determined ferret may be able to work on one spot on the mesh screen and eventually tear their way to freedom. The mesh may also aid your ferret in crawling to the top if the top isn’t connected. 


There are plenty of different ferret playpens on the market, and it is important to consider what your personal needs are before purchasing one. We hope this article has helped give you more information about some of the more popular ferret playpens available, and encourage you to check out our article on outdoor ferret enclosures if you are in need of a more sturdy and permanent way to keep your ferret safe outdoors.