How To Pick the Best Ferret Harness

Anyone who has ever spent time around a ferret is well aware of the fact that ferrets are constantly wanting to explore new places, and ferret harnesses can be a way to help your ferret explore outside or other new environments safely. This article will discuss what features to look in a ferret harness, how to safely use them, as well as review some of the most popular styles available on Amazon.

What To Look For In Ferret Harnesses

Unlike cat collars and harnesses, it is essential that your ferret is nice and secure for its own safety, so do not choose a breakaway harness for your ferret. (If you are looking for an everyday collar for your ferret, choose one that does breakaway to prevent accidental strangulation).

Ferrets can be notoriously squirmy when it comes to getting them into the harness, so look for different methods of securing the harness. Velcro, buckles, and clasps are all common methods, and some of the best harnesses use a combination of two of these, to allow you to quickly get your ferret into them.

Just as important as the actual ferret harness is the leash that it is attached to. While retractable leashes are incredibly popular among pet owners, these can be incredibly dangerous for a number of different reasons, from the leash malfunctioning and allowing your ferret to be put into a dangerous situation to the leash wrapping around a limb and injuring your furry friend. Therefore, it is important to use a leash that is short and allows you to maintain control over your ferret in any situation.

How To Use A Ferret Harness

As curious as ferrets are, they can sometimes be inflexible to change. Therefore, it is important to help your ferret get used to the new harness before you take them out of their normal habitat.

First, put the harness on your ferret and allow them to run around with it on. Chances are, your ferret is going to have some issues with their new accessory, so let them get used to it while you give them treats, praise, and plenty of scratches.

When your friend has gotten used to the ferret harness portion, you can introduce the leash into the equation. Chances are, your active ferret is not going to appreciate the restricted movement. Allow your ferret to get used to the whole system in a small area of your home. When they are acclimated with the leash, bring them into a bigger part their normal area.

When they are finally comfortable with the system, you can introduce them into a new area, whether that is outside or visiting a friend’s home where restraint is needed. If you are taking your ferret outside where they could potentially come in contact with other animals, make sure that your pet is vaccinated for both rabies and distemper.

Below, we will review some of the most popular ferret harnesses available, as well as any pros and cons when making the decision about which harness is best for you and your furry

Ferret Harness and Leash Adjustable, Sakura Cotton Cloth Ferret Walking Vest

This adorable ferret harness is handmade individually to ensure high quality craftsmanship for your ferrets safety and comfort. Additionally, this harness includes an adorable set of wings to accent your ferret’s truly angelic, or devilish, nature.


This soft material is highly durable so your ferret won’t be able to chew or scratch their way out or damage the harness. Additionally, this ferret harness comes with a large degree of adjustability, so you will be able to use this harness for multiple ferrets or use it even as your ferret ages instead of having to invest in multiple harnesses. Particularly, this harness is great for ferrets who are too young or small to fit into other commercial harnesses.


Overall, this seems to be a good harness for ferrets. The only drawback may be the buckles used to connect this particular harness may be difficult with a squirming ferret.

Ferret Harness N Leash

This adorable ferret harness is handmade individually to ensure high quality craftsmanship for your ferrets safety and comfort. Additionally, this harness includes an adorable set of wings to accent your ferret’s truly angelic, or devilish, nature.


This particular harness has a large amount of adjustability, allowing it to fit even the smallest ferrets up to their much larger counterparts. Additionally, many find this ferret harness to be particularly durable with the metal rings connecting the harness to the leash.


There are a couple of drawbacks to this particular leash and harness set. Some find that the denim material that this harness is made out of can easily be chewed through or ripped at. Additionally, many find that trying to buckle this harness on the underside of a squirming animal is particularly difficult.

Adjustable Ferret/Kitten Walking Jacket

This particular harness jacket is a lightweight, breathable option for ferrets, and ferret owners can be assured that this durable harness will keep your ferret safe.


Many owners are happy with this harness for a number of different reasons. This harness adjusts to various sizes to fit almost any size ferret. The clasp also features a layer of velcro to ensure that your ferret isn’t able to wiggle out of the harness at inopportune times.


There are a couple of different complaints about this particular harness. Some people have found that while the velcro is handy to keep their ferret in the harness, others find that the velcro has a tendency to get stuck to fur or the carpet, ruining the usefulness rather quickly. Additionally, this harness tends to run a little bit small, so some large ferrets may not actually fit into this ferret harness.