Ferret Clubs, Ferret Societies and Ferret Welfare Organisations are excellent places to meet other ferret owners and learn about your unique pets.

Additionally, if you are the proud parent of pet ferrets, chances are you like to talk about your furry children, and probably do talk about them … a lot!

While all pet owners are undoubtedly proud of their furry friends, pet ferrets with their crazy antics and their affectionate attitude are sometimes even more brag-worthy than other pets. While friends and family may love to hear the stories, no one can truly appreciate pet ferrets like other ferret owners.

This is where ferret clubs and societies come into play. Ferret clubs, societies, and welfare organizations can help to connect owners together. This article will discuss what clubs, societies, and welfare organizations do for pet ferrets and their owners, and where to find one close to you.

What Are Ferret Clubs, Societies, and Welfare Organizations?

For pet ferrets, ferret parents, and ferret advocates, ferret clubs, societies, and welfare organizations are incredibly important. Whatever you call these organizations, these groups have people who work to rescue and rehome pet ferrets in need, educate the public about pet ferrets, and provide forums for pet ferrets and their owners to come together, either real or virtually, to learn more about these quirky animals.

What Are The Benefits of Joining Ferret Clubs and Societies?

There are a couple of different benefits of getting involved with one of these welfare organizations. The first is to come together and advocate for healthy pet ferrets and breeding practices. While most people think of dogs and cats being bred in unhealthy environments in puppy or kitten mills, ferrets can experience the same dangerous situations. These welfare organizations can help educate the public on where to buy a responsible ferret and lobby for legislation to protect pet ferrets.

Additionally these organizations, if combined with a rescue, often house pet ferrets in need of a new home through no fault of their own. When you are looking to bring new pet ferrets into your home, check with local organizations and rescues to see if there are any pet ferrets that will work with your household. Generally, these ferrets are older and have more developed personalities, so you can be more sure of the ferret you are bringing home. These ferrets also tend to have had their vetting done and have been fixed, which means these pet ferrets may be a little more cost effective.

Additionally, these organizations can help new and seasoned ferret owners come together to share tips and advice, either on online forums or in person. There will always be that quirky behavior or health concern that you like the advice of another person about before rushing your furry friend to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. These organizations also provide an outlet to brag about their pet ferrets to others who understand the obsession!

Where Can I Find Ferret Clubs and Societies Near Me?

It is not hard to find a ferret club, society, or welfare organization to help you care for and advocate for pet ferrets. Ferretshelters.org has compiled an extensive list of ferret welfare organizations and rescues. This list includes ferret only organizations and rescues that help pet ferrets along with a wide variety of different animals.

While this is a great list that breaks down organizations by countries outside of the United States as well as by states within the U.S., it is not exhaustive. You may find more information about groups in your area by contacting your local humane society or general animal rescue organization, as they may have more resources and contacts for you.


As any ferret lover knows, pet ferrets make wonderful companions for their owners and other furry animals in the house. It is only natural to want to share that love of your furry friends with others, so if this is the case for you, look into joining a ferret welfare organization, ferret club, or ferret society to help connect you with other ferret owners and advocate for the general health of pet ferrets overall.