As any ferret owner knows, traveling with a ferret can be particularly difficult. Ferrets don’t like to be contained without their permission and may be particularly grumpy when forced into a travel carrier. Finding a quality and comfortable soft ferret carrier, like the ones below, will help you to keep your ferret happy and contained during your car rides. This article will give you a brief overview of some of the most popular soft sided ferret carriers on the market today.

It should be noted that if your ferret is prone to digging, scratching, and biting, soft sided carriers such as the ones below, may not be the best option for your ferret. These carriers, no matter how well built, will simply not withstand the abuse of a determined ferret. If your ferret is a digger, take a peek at some of the best selling hard sided carriers available here.

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers

This ferret travel cage is a great way to keep your ferret comfortable, as well as allow them to check out their surroundings thoroughly as you are traveling. This carrier measures 19.7” x 10.2” x 11.2 and can accommodate up to 22 pounds.


One thing that many people appreciate about this small pet carrier is the fact that the double handles make carrying your ferret easier, and gives them a smoother ride. The built in fleece lining is also very comfortable for your ferrets, and the whole carrier is easily washable in case of accidents.


One of the biggest concerns about this carrier is the durability of the zipper, regardless of whether or not your ferret is particularly determined to remove themselves from this carrier. Some have found that the zipper tends to break quickly, or come off the teeth, resulting in zipper replacement.

Soft Sided Ferret Carrier and Travel Crate with Locking Zipper by Petluv

This small pet carrier is fantastic as there are so many different ways to open and close this carrier. This soft ferret carrier opens from the top and from three of the four sides. This carrier measures 24” x 16” x 16” and can hold small animals up to 45 pounds.


This carrier is exceptionally roomy, boasting much more room than most of the other products on the market today. This soft ferret carrier also can double as an area that your ferret can comfortably nap in, even when you are not using it for transportation.

The straps on this particular small animal carrier are very comfortable to use, and help to keep your ferret steady throughout your trip. The carrier also features seat belt restraints to keep the carrier in place throughout your car travels.


This soft ferret carrier also has concerns about the quality of the zipper. Some users have found that animals that aren’t even prone to scratching or digging have fallen out or gotten free due to faulty zippers.

Additionally, while this particular small pet carrier advertises itself as able to hold up to 45 pounds, but many pet owners find that animals that are much lighter are inadequately supported by the bottom. While you will not find a ferret, or even a business of ferrets, weighing anywhere close to 45 pounds, this is important to note if you want to use this carrier for various types of animals.

Soft Sided Pet Carrier by Mr. Peanut’s

This waterproof, stylish soft sided ferret carrier is made with airline specifications in mind. This particular small animal carrier measures 18” x 10.4” x 11” and can old animals up to 15 pounds.


While traveling with your ferret can be daunting, finding an airline that is ferret friendly in the cabin can be even more so. This carrier fits under the seat, is lined with a quality fleece to keep your ferret comfortable, and the ventilation will ensure that your ferret does not overheat during your travels, whether through the air or on the road.


The biggest concern about this carrier is the durability of the zipper, whether or not your ferrets have a tendency to scratch or not. Additionally, some have found that the shoulder strap needs immediate reinforcement prior to first using it, to ensure that your ferret and the carrier are not dropped and injured.

Luxury Soft-Sided Ferret Carrier By Pet Magasin

This small pet carrier is great for airline travel, but can also be used for multiple means of travel, whether you are going cross country or to the vet a few miles away. The carrier measures 18” x 11” x 10” and can fit up to 15 pounds.


There are a couple of different aspects to make this carrier a good option. It’s waterproof, so you can keep your ferrets dry while traveling and makes cleanup from accidents that much easier. This particular small pet carrier also folds down extremely small for easy storage when not needed. Finally, this carrier comes with a money back guarantee, as well as a 2 year warranty to leave you peace of mind should anything happen to the carrier.


One of the concerns about this soft ferret carrier is not that the mesh in this cage may be damaged if your ferret is a scratcher, but that your ferret’s nails may become stuck in the mesh and could even injure your ferret. Additionally, others have found that the zipper can be damaged with no excessive abusive by your ferrets.


Finding a small animal carrier that will be comfortable enough for your ferrets liking and durable enough to keep them contained while traveling. One of the biggest pet peeves is buying a seemingly sturdy carrier only to find your ferrets climbing proudly onto your lap halfway through your car trip! These carriers are great options if you are looking for a soft sided ferret carrier, but keep in mind a determined ferret will probably be able to do some damage. If you are looking for other ferret carrier options, check out other options here!