Anyone who has spent time with or owned a ferret knows how playful they are, and how amazing these pets can truly be. Unfortunately for many ferrets and ferret owners, there are many misconceptions about ferrets- that they are smelly, that they bite, that they are mean, or that they are not good pets. These plush ferret toys will help you to introduce the children in your life to the amazing animal that are ferrets. Here are some of the most popular plush ferret toys on the market today.

Black Footed Ferret 10.5” Miyoni Stuffed Animal

Modeled after the endangered Black Footed Ferret that inhabits very specific areas of the Western United States, this particular stuffed ferret toy is not only very cozy, but features a tag with information about the black footed ferret. This handmade plush ferret is appropriate for children ages 3 and up.

Folkmanis Ferret Hand Puppet

This particular ferret toy will help to educate young people in your life, both about ferrets and about other things. Hand puppets can be used for a number of different uses, and this puppet allows you to control the head, mouth, and back end of this particular toy. This toy is appropriate for children ages 3 and up.

Vince The Black Footed Ferret Plush

Vince is a great name for a ferret, and this is a fantastic plush for ferret lovers and their children. This plush is also modeled specifically after the black footed ferret and is incredibly soft for anyone who enjoys snuggling with stuffed animals. This toy can be enjoyed by any one who loves ferrets, ages 2 and older.

Hansa White Ferret 12” Plush 

This particularly beautiful and handcrafted toy is exceptionally lifelike. This beautiful white plush ferret toy is appropriate for ferret lovers, 3 years and older. Like ferrets in real life, each of these ferrets are individual and unique due to their handmade quality.

Carl Dick Ferret, 9.5  Inches, 15 Inches With Tail Plush Toy 

Again modeled after the North American Black Footed Ferret, this plush toy is incredibly lifelike and easily washed and is flameproof. This adorable ferret plush toy is appropriate for those 3 years and older, and made out of a high quality, durable fabric that will keep your child loving ferrets for years to come.