Ferret Tunnels

Best Ferret Tunnels — Buyers Guide, Review and Comparison 

Ferrets love to exercise and play, which is why they’re totally at home in plastic ferret tunnels or Ferret tubes. They love dashing through them, and they tend to try to break all sorts of land, air, and sea records as they go. You might want to think about combining some of these tunnels to form a maze or investing in a ferret wall tunnel. This can be fixed to the wall, offering hours of amusement to both you and your ferrets as you watch them zipping through their adventure playground. 

Top Pick

Ultra Flex Clear Ferret Tunnel

This Ultra Flex ferret tunnel is a heavy-duty, clear plastic tunnel that’s 10 feet long — offering your ferret endless hours of fun. Its see-through material means your ferret is visible at all times. And, its 4-inch diameter allows your ferret plenty of room while playing inside the tube — offering you peace of mind.

  • Transparent plastic — watch your ferret play. 
  • 10 feet in length — ideal starter distance. 
  • 4-inch diameter — perfect size. 

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Product Comparison Table 

Best Ferret Tunnel for Beginners

Ultra Flex Clear Ferret Tunnel  

Ferret Tunnel.

Length: 10 feet

Diameter: 4 inches

Material: PVC

Colour: Clear

  • Durable PVC material.
  • Reasonably priced. 
  • Flexible — can be shaped to fit your ferret’s habitat.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Best Reinforced Ferret Tunnel

20-Foot Ferret Tunnel

Ferret Tunnel Long.

Length: 20 feet

Diameter: 4 inches

Material: PVC

Colour: Clear

  • 20-foot length — offering plenty of tunnel fun.
  • Reinforced PVC tube — unlikely to collapse.
  • Bending radius — allows kink-free tube movement.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Best Ferret Tunnel for Adventures

50-Foot Ferret Tunnel  

Best Ferret Tunnel.

Length: 50 feet

Diameter: 4 inches

Material: PVC

Colour: Clear

  • 4-inch diameter — permits plenty of space for ferrets to move freely.
  • 50-foot length — can be extended through your ferret’s entire habitat.
  • Clear plastic — enables you to see your ferret as they play.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Ferret Tunnels Buying Guide

Ferret tunnels are the ultimate toy for your playful and inquisitive ferret. They offer hours of entertainment as well as much-needed exercise, keeping your furry friend healthy and happy. 

A clear ferret tunnel offers you endless possibilities — it can be arranged in so many ways inside your ferret’s habitat. They can be cut down to offer several smaller tubes, or they can simply be stretched out in a DIY ferret playground to give your pals a chance to run around. 

Do You Need a Ferret Tunnel?

In short, no, you don’t need a ferret tunnel. There are plenty of ways you can DIY your own perfect ferret toy. Toys can be made out of old pants, offering a soft tunnel for your ferret to shimmy through. You could also make a ferret tunnel out of old PVC piping, providing it’s clean. 

However, clear tubes such as those I’ve reviewed are superior for several reasons:

  • Allows you to see your ferret as they play inside.
  • They can be cut to size if required.
  • Some feature reinforced frames — meaning they will retain their shape. 
  • You can see when it’s time for a tunnel cleanup.

Pros of Using a Ferret Tunnel

  • Durable material — your ferret can clock up plenty of mileage before it’s time to replace. 
  • Easily altered by twisting, stretching or contracting the tube — preventing boredom. 
  • A variety of sizes means there is a ferret tunnel suitable for everyone. 
  • Flexibility — the tubes can fit even the smallest of homes.
  • You’re recreating their natural habitat. 
  • Offers exercise, playtime, and stimulation — keeping them content and healthy.

Cons of Using a Ferret Tunnel

  • Lack of tubes available for ferret-specific use — research is required.

What To Look For When Choosing a Ferret Tunnel 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect tunnel for your furry friend. 


The size of your ferret tunnel is definitely something worth considering before you make a purchase. Think about your design — where you want the tunnel to go and how much space you have. 

Ferret tunnels can range from 10 to around 50 feet, so it’s vital that you pick a tunnel that will fit perfectly. 

The diameter of your tunnel is also important. Pick a tunnel that’s too narrow, and you could risk your beloved pet getting stuck. Opt for a diameter of 4 inches. This will allow ample space for your ferret to play. 

Material and Colour

The material of your tunnel is important — to ensure that it’s safe for your ferret’s use. 

While you could make your own DIY ferret tubes at home, some of the options — like the soft tube made from an old pant leg — have a high possibility of collapsing, meaning your ferret could become stuck. 

The best ferret tunnels are made from heavy-duty, durable PVC. What’s more, look for a tube that’s reinforced with a wire frame — these will be unlikely to buckle and collapse. These aren’t your standard plastic ferret tunnels – they are high quality and long lasting.

Try to avoid the cheap plastic ferret tunnels, as they won’t last the distance. However, on the plus side, the many holes the cheap tunnels will soon develop before they fall apart completely will provide hours of fun for your furry friends!

The color of your ferret tunnel is also key — I’d suggest a clear tube. This allows you to watch your ferret as they play, plus you can swiftly detect any problems or blockages. Again, while you can easily DIY a tube out of old clothing or pipes, they’re unlikely to be see-through, leaving you unable to quickly spot an issue should it arise. 

Ease of Alteration

Due to the wire frame and plastic tube, many of these ferret tunnels are easily manipulated to fit your space. The bending radius allows you to fold and maneuver your tunnel without worrying about kinks in the tube. This is ideal, as it allows you to constantly switch it up, preventing ferret boredom from creeping in. 

All you need is a big imagination — get creative! 

Top Ferret Tunnels — Our Picks

Finding the best tunnel for your ferret could quickly become time-consuming, and if you’re full-on with your ferrets, spare time is not so easily available. So, to make things easier, here are my favorites. 

1. Ultra Flex Clear Ferret Tunnel

Ferret Tunnels.

If you’re seeking a simple starter tube for your ferret, the Ultra Flex Clear Ferret Tunnel could be the ticket. It’s durable and heavy-duty, and you can easily maneuver it to fit into all sorts of spaces. 

At 10 feet long, it’s the perfect length for a ferret to spend hours zipping and zooming around. It’s also 4 inches in diameter, meaning your ferret can easily access the tube. And, you can rest easy knowing that they’re highly unlikely to become wedged in.

Its clear material means you can watch your ferret play — offering you both entertainment and peace of mind. What’s more, its sophisticated carbon steel wire frame ensures the tube will not collapse in on itself, and your ferret remains safe. 


  • Durable, heavy-duty material.
  • 10-foot length — offering adequate space to run.
  • 4-inch diameter — your ferret can navigate the tunnel freely. 
  • Steel reinforced frame.


  • Not the longest ferret tunnel. 

Functionality: 90%

Design: 95%

Price: 90%

Product Rating: 4.8/5

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2. 20-Foot Ferret Tunnel

Ferret Tunnels Long.

If your ferret needs a slightly longer tube, this 20-footer is a great option. Arriving with a metal frame for additional support, the plastic tube can withstand the daily abuse of action-packed ferrets. It’s also the ideal length for a slightly bigger space, and its tight bending radius allows you to manipulate the tube in a way that suits you, without fear of kinks. 

Like our other picks, the 4-inch diameter offers the optimum size for your ferret to access safely and avoid being stuck inside. It’s also made from a clear PVC, allowing you to watch what’s going on within the tube. 

While slightly more expensive than our first pick — you are receiving double the length. In my view, this tube is excellent if your ferret has become bored of their smaller tube and needs the challenge of a greater distance. 


  • 20-foot length. 
  • Durable frame means the tunnel is unlikely to collapse.
  • Clear PVC material.
  • Sufficient diameter for easy access. 


  • Not designed specifically for ferrets.

Functionality: 90%

Design: 95%

Price: 95%

Product Rating: 4.8/5

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3. 50-Foot Ferret Tunnel

Best Ferret Tunnels.

This monster tunnel is perfect for the adventurous ferret. At 50 feet, the lightweight yet durable steel frame means that this giant tube can easily be stretched the length of your ferret’s habitat, or right across a room — offering hours of entertainment for your ferret, and you as you watch them zooming around!

This tube is also 4 inches in diameter — the ultimate ferret size — hence, your furry friend, or friends can pile into the tunnel, chase, race, cross over and exit the tube without fuss. And, the clear plastic means you can keep an eye out for any shenanigans!

Although this tunnel costs more, it’s also the lengthiest ferret tube, representing the best value per foot. It can be kept whole or cut up to lengths of your choosing. It’s perfect for a lone ferret with an adventurous spirit, or for a business of ferrets to do what they love — socialize together.


  • Generous 50-foot length.
  • Clear material — can spot when it’s time to clean.
  • Suitable for multiple ferrets or a grand design.
  • Easy access and exit.
  • Best value per foot.


  • The most expensive tube.

Functionality: 90%

Design: 95%

Price: 85%

Product Rating: 4.8/5

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Ensuring that your ferret is kept busy and entertained is crucial for their well-being. However, you also need to ensure that your ferret is safe during playtime. This is why it’s essential to make sure the tunnel you purchase is both long enough and wide enough for your ferret. 

Carefully consider your budget, available space, and the number of ferrets you wish to entertain. If you have more than one, then chances are you’ll need either lengthier or multiple plastic ferret tunnels — so they can all benefit from its purpose. 

Whether you’re thinking about a simple one-tunnel starter design or organizing an ambitious maze network for your furry friends — ferret tunnels reinforce their natural behavior, encourage exercise and offer stimulation. Whatever you choose, it can only be a plus for your ferret’s needs. 

Ferret Tunnels FAQs

How Do Ferrets Play?

Ferrets love to stalk their prey, just like cats, so squeaky toys and balls are a perfect option for your ferret to stalk and chase. The game ‘tag’ is another favorite of the ferret, so you could easily spend hours of fun chasing each other in the backyard. 

Hide and seek is also another classic that ferrets adore. Simply pick a hiding place and call your ferret’s name, waiting for them to spot you. Keep calling them, and eventually, they’ll find you!

Do Ferrets Like Tunnels?

Ferrets are crazy about tunnels, so these are an excellent investment for your ferret. From big plastic tubes to shorter, crinkly tunnels designed for cats —your ferret will love running through them. And, you might even see them wag their tail!

What Are The Best Homemade Toys For Ferrets? 

One of the easiest DIY toys for a ferret is a digging box. Simply fill a shallow bag with uncooked pasta or rice, burying something underneath, and your ferret will have hours of fun digging for treasure. 

If you have a handbag that’s seen better days, wash it, and give it to your ferret. This will offer them endless fun, or even a warm place that they love to curl up in. 

How Do You Make A Ferret Tunnel? 

DIY ferret tunnels are easily crafted from all sorts of household materials. You may have some extra PVC piping from home repairs that would make the perfect tunnel for your ferret. Cut to size, ensure it’s clean, and let your ferret play. 

You can also make a tunnel out of leftover cardboard tubes or boxes, like the sort that drinks or snacks might come in. Just make sure that these are wide enough so your ferret doesn’t get stuck!

How Do I Keep My Ferret Entertained?

Ferrets love to play, and while tunnels are their number one, toys are another foolproof way of keeping them entertained. Plenty of ferret toys as well as those made for dogs and cats are suitable for your ferret — providing your ferret can’t chew through them. 

You could also hide treats around the house, sending your ferret on a scavenger hunt of sorts. They also love to dig, so filling a box with packing peanuts is the perfect entertainment for a mischievous ferret. Just make sure they’re made from cornstarch and not styrofoam. The former dissolves in water, so they won’t cause problems if your ferret decides to swallow one.