If you have ever owned a ferret or interacted with one for any length of time, you know how incredibly playful and silly these animals can be. However, after a long day at work and your ferret is just begging for someone to play with, it is helpful to have some toys that will keep them entertained as you put your feet up or make supper. This article will review 4 of the most popular Marshall toys for ferrets that your ferrets will absolutely love.

Marshall Pet Products Turtle Tunnel

As the name suggests, this particular toy is in the shape of an adorable turtle, which makes your ferret playing in and out of this toy even more cute. Your ferret can enter the hollow center of the toy through the mouth or any four of the legs.


This toy is also made out of a very soft fleece, so your ferret will love to play, snuggle, and nap throughout the entire toy. This toy is also super easy to connect with other Marshall toys through their throughway tunnels, and even if this toy comes dirty due to an accident or due to normal daily use, it holds up well in the washer and dryer.


The biggest concern about this toy is how easy this toy is to get in and out of. The mouth doesn’t prop itself open, which can mean your ferret doesn’t see it as an entrance or an exit, and depending on the way that this toy was shipped or packaged, the wires that prop open the legs can be somewhat confusing for your ferret as well. Unfortunately, for some ferrets, even if they figure out how to use the legs, various owners have reported that they simply do not enjoy playing in it.

Marshall Small Pet Deluxe PlayPen

If you have ever seen a ferret romp through a pit full of snow, packing peanuts, or balls, you will know how enjoyable it is for ferrets to jump, play, and bat balls around. This toy comes with 35 balls and a collapsible cube.


The Pop-N-Play will keep your ferrets entertained for a long time, and after playing in it for awhile, your ferrets will take a long and definitely deserved nap! The cube contains 4 openings, so your ferrets can go in and out easily, the entrances can also be connected to other toys or other entrances in the toys with the Marshall throughway tube. This cube comes with plenty of balls, but you can also buy additional balls so your ferrets can have even more fun.


There are two main drawbacks to this particular toy that you should consider prior to purchasing this toy. The first is that compared to other ball pit toys, for pets or for children, this toy is fairly small for the price that you pay. There are definitely other options on the market that give you a little bit more bang for your buck. Additionally, the holes in the cube that allow easy access for your ferrets also means that these balls come flying out of the cube quite frequently. Many ferret owners, as much as they love how much fun their ferrets are having with this toy, are frustrated having to put the 35 balls away after every time their ferret decides to play with it.

Marshall Pet Products Hide-N-Sleep Alligator Hideaway  

Ferrets love to feel surrounded and secure when they are sleeping, in part due to the fact that their wild ancestors lived in abandoned tunnels. The Hide-N-Sleep Alligator Hideaway is fantastic for ferrets who love to play and sleep in a secure feeling place.


This Marshall toy is fantastic for ferrets, as it is easy to get in and out of the mouth of the toy. Unlike the Octopus or the Turtle, this toy is only accessible through the mouth, and ferrets will love the soft, warm fabric, and owners will love how easily this toys holds up


As with any toy, it is incredibly important that you are constantly monitoring this bed for signs of abnormal wear and tear and discard it at the first sign that something isn’t right. Ferrets owners have reported their ferrets have torn into the inside of toy and gotten tangled, and in very extreme and uncommon situations, suffocated before their owner was able to free them. While this is an extreme case and obviously not the experience of everyone who purchases this product, it is important to prevent tragedy from happening by inspecting the bed regularly and discouraging your ferret from scratching and digging at this toy.

Marshall Pet Products Octo-Play For Ferrets

Similar to the turtle, this bright red Octopus is incredibly popular with ferrets as it provides 11 entrances- two in each tentacle and one at the mouth. In the middle, this toy provides a large, open area for your ferret to sleep or play in comfort.


Like other Marshall products on the market, this toy is known for its quality and durability, and holds up well in the washer and dryer. Some reviewers have reported that their cats also love to play with ferrets with this toy as well.


The biggest concern about this product is the fact that for some ferrets, this toy may be a little bit confusing. The tentacles, like the arms of the turtle, don’t always stay propped up on their own due to packaging issues. The middle of the octopus also is fairly collapsible, so your ferret may not enjoy sleeping or playing in this toy when it is collapsed.


Marshall is a brand that is popular throughout the world as a breeder, food producer, and toy manufacturer. While there are pros and cons about each of these toys, what is most important is to take a bit of time to get to know your ferret and see how they like to play. Also, don’t be surprised if you purchase a toy only to find your ferret doesn’t care for it- like any other animals, ferrets are particular about their toys. Whatever toys you choose, you can be assured you can have some fun with your ferrets testing them out!

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