What is a Ferrets Temperament like?

If you have never owned a ferret before, you may be curious about what ferret temperament is like, particularly whenever you see them they are in a pile sleeping in their cage at the pet store. Of course, as with any animal, the temperament between animal to animal can vary drastically. However, this article will give you a run down on the traditional temperament of a domesticated ferret.

Is a Ferrets Temperament similar to a puppy or kitten?

Many people compare ferret temperament to that of a puppy or a kitten, regardless of the age of the ferret. Ferrets are highly curious, so they definitely love exploring new areas and getting into trouble. Don’t be surprised if you find your ferret running down the hall with you when you are going to the bathroom or getting ready for the day.

Ferrets Love To Play

Ferrets love to play, and will probably find almost anything to play with. Whether it is one of their toys or a cat toy, a sock or a shoe, or running through the arms and neck hole of a shirt that they found laying on the floor, ferrets will be sure to keep a smile on your face with their dedication to play. Ferrets are also well known for their “weasel war dance”, in which they wiggle, jump, lunge, and throw their head back to express their joy and playfulness.

Ferrets can be Temperamental

Ferrets can definitely be a little temperamental, so watch out if your ferret is hungry! It is not uncommon for ferrets to be cranky or a little bit nibbly if they are hungry and not able to access their food.

Affectionate Ferret

Finally, don’t be surprised if your ferret is affectionate! While there are definitely different ways that your ferrets show affection (check out our article on ferret affection!) don’t be surprised if your ferret comes up to you for a kiss, a snuggle, or runs to greet you at the door when you get home from work. How you little furry friend expresses their affection for their you, their owner, will greatly depend on the ferret’s temperament.