When one thinks of a hammock, generally a serene scene on the beach or in the forest comes to mind, with a good book in hand and a nap on the horizon. However, for a ferret owner, a hammock is probably one of their ferret’s favorite spot in their cage to curl up and spend a good chunk of their day snoozing. Unlike human hammocks, ferret hammocks are often lined with fleece or other soft material and hang suspended from the top of their cage. Hammocks are great additions to a cage as they allow the cage to be split into levels, giving your ferret more room to move around.

However, there are a number of different hammocks on the market today. While it is important to give your ferret different options of where to sleep, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best option for you and your ferret’s needs. This article will give a brief overview of some of the most popular hammocks on the market today.

Ferret Hammock by Niteangel

The Ferret Hammock by Niteangel is an incredibly popular option for hammocks. It is fairly basic, but with a two level design, it allows your ferret choice as well as ability to move around based on temperature. Some ferrets prefer to be completely covered, whereas others prefer to lay on top of the soft fabric, and of course, some like to do both depending on their mood.


This hammock can accommodate up to 2 full grown, average sized ferrets. However, since ferret size can vary greatly, 3 small or juvenile ferrets can easily fit in this hammock, and for extra-large ferrets, only one ferret may fit in comfortably.


The biggest drawback about this particular bed is if you have a ferret who likes to dig or chew, the straps on this hammock may quickly become damaged. It is important to regularly examine all of your ferret’s beds to ensure there is no safety concern.

Ferret Hammock by You and Me

More like a hanging bed than a true hammock, this bed features a soft fleece lining and extra long straps to fit in any cage situation.


This particular hammock will fit two small to medium sized ferrets, and ferret owners will often find their fuzzy friends curled up together in this hammock while ignoring the other options in their cage.


The biggest concern about this particular hammock is the fleece lining on the bottom. Some ferrets love it and leave it alone, while other ferrets will dig, chew, and even attempt to eat the fleece lining. I have personally used this particular bed, and immediately removed the fleece lining when I realized my two ferrets were constantly trying to move it around. Even without the fleece lining, this is still my ferret’s favorite bed, and without the lining, it also holds up better in the washer and dryer.

Niteangel Tunnel Hammock For Small Animals 

This tube like hammock is very popular among ferrets who love to be reminded of the habitats of their wild ancestors. This soft tunnel is made from a soft, quilt-like material, and your ferrets will love to play hide and seek with the hole in the top of the tube.


This hammock can comfortably fit one adult ferret, but again, two smaller adults or juvenile ferrets may fit easily and comfortably in here.


One concern about this particular hammock is the material that it is made out of. While ferrets are easily litter box trained, accidents do happen, and the material may not handle repeated washing and drying as well as other materials. Additionally, the straps on this particular hammock do not adjust, so in certain cages it may not be possible to use this particular bed.

Marshall Banana Hammock

Marshall seems to have a monopoly on all things ferret related. From being the largest breeder of ferrets in the United States, to having many different foods on the market, to having plenty of toys and bed options, Marshall has so many products on the ferret scene. The Banana Hammock is one product that I can truly be 100% behind, for its versatility, durability, as well as how cute the design is.


This design has an opening at either end, as well as pop up hole at the top. Lined with a fleece lining, this hammock allows the ferrets to sleep either on top of the banana or inside. The fleece on this is actually fairly durable as well. 2 adult ferrets can easily fit in this hammock.


The biggest problem I had with this particular hammock was the durability of the straps. The rest of the hammock held up well, but one of the straps broke where it connects to the hammock. However, this was after a great amount of use over 2 years. Other reviewers have had issues with this as well. It may be wise to reinforce the strap at the base right away to avoid issues with your hammock.

Ferret Hammock by Trixie Pet Products

The Trixie Ferret Hammock is a fairly traditional looking hammock, and is perfect if you are looking for something simple to add to the cage for an additional bed or a level to get to and from existing levels. This hammock made of quality materials and washes well.


Trixie Ferret Hammock is a fairly traditional looking hammock, and is perfect if you are looking for something simple to add to the cage for an additional bed or a level to get to and from existing levels. This hammock made of quality materials and washes well.


The biggest con about this particular blanket is the fact that it is small compared to others on the list. One small adult or juvenile ferret would be comfortable in this hammock, but more than one ferret or bigger ferrets would probably not choose this as their favorite bed.


There are so many different options on the market today in terms of ferret hammocks and beds, so it can be hard to decide which direction to go with. These five options are great options for your ferrets, and it’s a good idea to have a couple of different beds for your ferrets to choose from, as ferrets, like humans, will have preferences on how they want to sleep depending on their mood!