Cheap Ferret Cages

When you have decided to bring a ferret home, you quickly start to realize how many supplies ferrets need in order to be happy. Multiple litter boxes, food bowls and water bottles, toys, food, and of course, the cage. Ferret cages can vary wildly in size, quality, and price, and unfortunately, many of the best quality and roomiest cages are the most expensive. While it is important to buy your ferret a cage that they are able to enjoy and be comfortable in when they are not allowed to roam free, sometimes buying the top of the line Ferret Nation cage simply isn’t within reach. Below are 4 options for ferret cages when you are simply unable to buy one of the more expensive options.

Ferret Cage by Yaheetech 52” 6 Levels With 3 Doors


In terms of a cheaper option for a ferret cage, this cage is fairly tall. Standing 25.2” L x 16.9” W x 52” H, this cage features 6 levels that allow your ferret to climb about and keep themselves entertained while they are confined to their cage. This cage is can also be further customized with hammocks and beds to allow your ferret even more room and entertainment.

This cage also features three separate openings that allow you to easily access your ferret no matter what level they are on, and this also makes cleaning the cage easier. Additionally, the bottom most level of the cage, where your ferret cannot reach, slides out easily to clean.


Even though this cage is advertised to have small enough spaces in between bars that animals will not be able to escape or be caught in a difficult situation, many reviewers have noted that particularly crafty ferrets are able to find a way to get out of their cage. Additionally, others have found the durability of this cage, particularly the removable bottom, to be lacking for long term use.

Ferret Cage 36” or 30” Homey Pet Black Wire Ferret Cage W/ Tray and Casters 


This cage is slightly larger than the previous cage, standing at 36” L x 23” W x 51”H. Standing on wheels, this cage is easy to move throughout your apartment or home. This cage has exceptionally durable platforms that can even withstand the weight of a small to medium sized cat, so no matter how many ferrets are cramming around their food bowl, you can rest assured the levels will hold up well.

Additionally, this cage is fairly easy to set up, with no additional tools required besides the ones that are provided to you. Furthermore, the cage comes with hammock that fits perfectly in with the rest of the cage, so you don’t have to worry about buying more accessories for the cage if you are only housing one ferret. Finally, the cage also features a removable bottom for easy litter cleanup.


Unfortunately, this cage is built not only for ferrets, but for short term lodging for kittens and cats. Therefore, the gaps between the bars are a little bit larger than other cages, and some ferrets, particularly young ferrets, may be able to sneak through the bars on the cage.

Additionally, the long term durability of this cage can be questionable. Some reviewers have noted that their animal is able to chew apart parts of this cage, which can not only be dangerous for the animal, but can be annoying and frustrating for the owner as well.

Kaytee Ferret Home Plus


Without a doubt, this cage will keep your ferret entertained. This cage features three ramps and one slide, on top of 4 platforms to allow your ferret to move around throughout the cage while you are away. This cage also can include hammocks and beds to keep your ferret comfortable. The company also promotes this cage as “chew proof”, so your ferret won’t ingest paint and other materials if they are chewers and won’t be able to break out of this cage


The biggest concern about this particular cage is the way that the ramps and platforms are set up. Some reviewers have found that a combination of the height and the way that the platforms are set up leave your ferret at risk for falling and injuring themselves.

Additionally, other reviewers have found that cleaning this particular cage can be incredibly tricky. Some people have stated that it can take them over an hour to take apart and put it back together just to do regular cleanings that are necessary when you have ferrets that defecate multiple times a day. This makes this cage particularly difficult if you travel or move around with your ferret frequently.

Prevue Hendryx Cocoa Frisky Ferret Cage


If you are looking for something very temporary and simplistic, this cage may be a good option. This cage is just 2 levels, contains an easy to use ramp, and can be easily customizable for a solitary ferret. Additionally, the wide front doors and the roof access allow for easy cleaning and being able to grab your ferret no matter where they are hanging out.


Unfortunately, this is a very small cage, and is only appropriate if your ferret is only spending a small amount of time in the cage every day, if you only have one ferret, or have two very young ferrets and are planning on getting them a large cage before they grow. Additionally, some ferret owners have noted that their animals have been hurt by the way that the wires are set, either due to feet slipping through the wires or toes getting caught on edges and corners. Finally, many owners find this cage difficult to keep clean.


Ferret ownership can be enjoyable, funny, exhausting, and sometimes a little bit expensive. One thing you shouldn’t try to shave costs on is a quality cage, as this is your ferrets home! While these cages are a little on the small side, and definitely have a couple of drawbacks, these cages are a good option for you if you are saving up money for a bigger cage.

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