“Are ferrets good pets?” you ask! We think so, and here’s why!

Many people question “are ferrets good pets” when they are considering their ideal pet. We can safely say that ferrets make fantastic pets!

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of owning one will attest to their unique personalities and hilarious antics. Ferrets are the third most popular “uncaged” pet in the United States, right behind dogs and cats respectively. If you are lucky enough to own a ferret, you know why they make exquisite companions. This article will discuss the idea that ferrets are good pets and the reasons you should consider adding one (or two!) to your household.

Ferrets Are Affectionate And Playful

While many people assume that small animals are not affectionate, ferrets are uniquely affectionate and personable. Many ferret owners can attest to the fact that their furry friends will give them kisses when they wake up, will jump enthusiastically when their humans come home, and will play with their humans, fellow ferrets, and other animals that they cohabitate with until they fall into a deep slumber for a much needed nap.

While ferrets are particular to their owners or humans that occupy their space, most ferrets are receptive to new individuals and will greet them enthusiastically, and are quick to make new friends with unfamiliar humans and animals in their home.

Ferrets Are Trainable

When asking yourself are ferrets good pets, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of any animal’s trainability. Ferrets are good pets because they are very capable of being trained, particularly litter box trained. While ferrets may never be one hundred percent litter box trained, many ferrets eagerly pick up on emotions of their owners and can be potty trained with praise, treats, and a little bit of patience. You can find more tips about litter box training your ferret here.

Many people also assume that the question to “are ferrets good pets” is “no” due to their tendency as kits to bite. This, however, is no different than the tendency to bite that a kitten or puppy has. It is important to teach any animal, including ferrets, that your hands and feet are not toys and biting is unacceptable. Ferrets who are handled often and with love quickly come to trust people. They have no need to bite, just like other pets that are treated with kindness and love.

Ferrets Have An Amazing Personality

Those who have never had the opportunity to interact with ferrets and their wonderful personalities may wonder to themselves are ferrets good pets. In fact, ferrets each have a unique and individual personality that are generally mischievous, funny, affectionate, hyper, and goofy.

Ferrets Are Quiet

Unlike many dogs and some cats, ferrets are relatively quiet, unless they are playing in a paper bag and are making as much noise as possible. Ferrets do have an interesting vocalization also known as a ‘dook’. A dook is a quiet, high pitched chirp that indicates they are excited and happy.

You may also find your ferret hissing from time to time, either at another ferret, another animal sibling, or you. This is generally not a noise that should cause too much concern, and moreso indicates anger, frustration, or general crabbiness rather than danger or pain.

However, while ferrets may be quite, you can be sure that if their activities are not causing at least a little bit of noise, they are either napping or getting into some sort of trouble.

Ferrets Are Intelligent

When you get a ferret for the first time, your new furry friend’s intelligence will never cause you to question are ferrets good pets. Ferrets quickly pick up games of hide and seek and tag with their other animal siblings and human friends.

Ferrets’ intelligence can cause mischief at times … Ferrets like to hoard food in hiding spots throughout your home as to always have a readily available snacks. The easy solution to this is to feed them in their cage … with the door shut!

Ferrets also quickly learn how to get into forbidden spots and steal items that they know are not for them, such as socks, shoes, and cat toys from under their feline siblings nose. If you stay one step ahead of ferrets, you can put important items out of the reach. If you follow your ferret when they do run off with a stolen treasure, you can normally discover their favorite storage places and retrieve your things!

Ferrets’ intelligence also means you can train them to come, walk on a leash, and change unwanted habits. You must remember though, that ferrets can have a mind of their own and strong determination, so you must be consistent in training them in the behaviors you desire.

With good training and lots of love and cuddles, ferrets make the best pets!

Ferrets Are No Smellier Than Any Other Pet

Every pet has it’s own smell … For some reason, ferrets have gotten a particularly bad rap for being particularly smelly. However, ferrets are fantastic pets if you help them along with their hygiene needs.

Ferrets are almost always spayed or neutered before they are allowed to go to their new home. This is essential for pet ferrets. Desexing ferrets makes the biggest difference in reducing ferrets’ smell, as hormonal, unfixed ferrets can be extremely smelly!

While some owners believe the removal of their scent glands plays a significant role in smell reduction, this is not the case, and not something we recommend.

It is much more important to clean your ferret’s cage and litter box once per day (more if you have more ferrets in the same cage) and completely wash their food bowls and litter box each week. Changing and washing their bedding every week or two is also very important. Keeping their cage and bedding clean goes a long way to reducing ferret’s smell.

Ferrets also can greatly benefit from occasional baths. Ferrets, if taught from a young age that water is not scary, can enjoy a monthly bath with specially formulated ferret shampoo and a gentle touch. When bathing your ferret, make sure to avoid getting their ears wet and use lukewarm water. Don’t bathe your ferret too often, as over washing can cause your ferret’s skin to produce more oil, in turn leading to smellier ferrets.

With these basic hygiene tips, you can ensure your ferrets are friendly to your nose. If you’re asking are ferrets good pets because of their smell? Consider that the smell of ferrets can be well managed by good ferret hygiene!

The Weasel War Dance Is Unique To Ferrets

For those who have seen the weasel war dance, there is no need to question are ferrets good pets. The weasel war dance is a hilarious display of jumping, rolling, dooking, hiding, and general joy that a ferret participates in when they are particularly happy or excited. The weasel war dance is one of the many ways that ferrets will keep you smiling as well as on your toes.


If you are asking yourself “are ferrets good pets”, rest assured that these cute, furry creatures make amazing companions. They will keep you entertained, charm you with their fantastic personality, and make you fall in love with their affectionate disposition. While adopting or buying a ferret should not be a decision that is made lightly, know that a ferret, or two, will keep you smiling for years to come, as you enjoy your wonderful pets!